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Office Interior Design and Renovation 2021, Istanbul

Architectural Design Office : Chocolate Architects

Architect: Zeynep Aktas

(Concept proposal, Design, Production details.)

Client: Koluman Automotive, Istanbul

My design for the presentation Area in the Executive office.
(Illustration belongs to me)
In this project, I was asked to revise the layout of the existing headquarters of Koluman Automotive and make the interior decoration more appealing. The focus of the project was primarily on the meeting room, presentation corner, executive desk, and the secretary area. I conducted design work for the back wall panels, and the client's preference leaned towards dynamic, contemporary examples. Concrete appearance, wood, and ceramic materials were chosen.
I conducted a presentation showcasing various options for the office furniture slated for renovation. Following this, our in-house 3D designers worked on modeling the selected furniture for purchase. Moreover, regarding the custom production of wooden and concrete elements (specifically tables) and primarily the wall backdrop designs, I personally undertook the design process and prepared the technical drawings for their production in our workshop
Secretary-Front Desk
In the secretary area (2 secretary), a preference was made for more natural colors with , aiming to decrease the predominance of wooden elements used in the Executive Room. Instead, striking ceramic tiles were used, and Brass strips were laid among the tiles. Additionally, plans were made to incorporate LED channels.
19.03 KOLUMAN-PAFTA1.jpg
1703092383549-12ffd098-f842-44f4-b1fe-6c539b318f4a03 KOLUMAN-PAFTA2_1.jpg
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