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Atelier Rebul - Quiosque

Manufactury & Installation

Mugla, Turkey - 2021

Architectural Office: Chocolate Architects

Architect responsible for this project : Zeynep Aktas

(Production details- metal construction and all FF&E-  material selection, and supply, coordination of production logistics and installation.) 

Client: Atelier Rebul

*Initial design and plans from their design team

*Render is not mine.

"This kiosk still stands on its original location and remains intact without any damage."

OG 01.jpg

I worked as an architect at Chocolate Architects, which also operates as a manufacturing contractor for many brands.

Within the company, I worked in the production field overseeing metal, wood, and finishing facilities.

I was responsible for the construction of domestic and international showrooms or quiosque/stands of Atelier Rebul, along with the production of all their FF&E adhering to brand identity guidelines.

Production Phase


After Installation


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