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Mr & Mrs Albay's Flat Renovation
2021 - Istanbul , Turkey

Freelance Project from start to finish.

3+1 Flat in Central Istanbul

Complete renovation and FF&E design manufacturing and application.

Completed in 3 months

All 3D models and renders are my work

(Sketchup & Lumion Render)

My client wanted a complete renovation of their traditional, spacious Istanbul apartment (3+1). The project encompassed the comprehensive removal of all flooring in flat also the tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, demolition of several partition walls, elimination of the secondary toilet to transfor it to laundry room, dismantling of existing FF&E, and refurbishment of ceiling details.

We proceeded from the initial rough construction phase to concurrently developing designs, culminating in the installation phase within the apartment, showcasing the new layout and pristine surfaces.
KITCHEN BEFORE_edited_edited.jpg
The most prominent change was the complete dismantling of the kitchen and the demolition of the wall shared with the living room, transforming it into an open kitchen concept. This was the most anticipated change the client expected in the renovation. The designs and concepts below were approved.
bb_4 - Photo1_edited_edited.jpg
The second request was a design for an integrated TV unit with a faux fireplace appearance in the living room. Initially, we widened the entrance by breaking down the living room door. Subsequently, we used an existing column on the wall as a reference point, aligning and leveling it. This preparation allowed us to create the groundwork for the niche and cabinets.
15-07-2021 230_edited_edited.jpg
salon duvarı diagram_edited.jpg
bb_2 - Photo_edited.jpg
Bathroom was completely renovated, leaving no trace of its former state. Wood-look ceramic tiles were chosen for the walk-in shower.
Niche designs were created and illuminated.
Custom-designed sink cabinets were produced, and by using a full-length mirror, the bathroom was made to appear bigger.
15-07-2021 127_edited_edited.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-10 at 18.57_edited.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-10 at 18.57_edited.jpg


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